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St Laurence School - to 1976

 - Photos (including names    where known)

 - School Day memories

Upwey - (location map)

Empire Day early 1930’s

Back row: Kathleen Parker; John Hare; Doris Brake; Jack Hargreaves;

Jean Burden

Middle row: Jack Beck, Joan Beck; Joan Hare

Front row: Doris Howley; George Samways

Upwey School - Miss Lunn's Class 1932

Back row: 2nd left Frank Beck; 1st right Tommy Wallace

Middle row: 1st from right Margaret White; 2nd  from right Pam Dominey; 3rd from right Marjorie Derrick

Front row: 1st from left Tony Howley; 3rd from left John Trevett


Upwey School Photographs

- Photos (including names where known)

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Upwey School c.1920

Back row: Iris Strange; Edna Squibb; Margery Clements; Daisy Coltart; Agnes Dominey; Mr Smith (Head Teacher)

2nd row: Phyllis Brake; Cynthia Smith; Reginald Dyer; Reg Trevett; Eddie Carpenter; Lillian Smith; Betty Loveless

3rd row: Reg Dominey; Jack Loveless; Sidney Strange; Cecil Trevett; Evelyn Rogers; ? Coltart; Irene Carpenter; Emmie Squibb; Sidney Squibb

Front row: Fred Strange; Doris Brake; Violet Clements; Frank Coltart; Bill Squibb

Upwey School 1924

Mr Smith, Headteacher - Back row: 1st from right Miss Newman; 2nd right Olive Christopher

Middle row: 1st from right Bill Didcot

Front row: 3rd from left Edie Didcot; 5th from left Bunty Rogers; 7th from left Gladys Strange; 8th from left Jack WillisUpwey School 1924

Mr Smith, Headteacher – Back row: 1st from right Miss Newman; 2nd right Olive Christopher

Middle row: 1st from right Bill Didcot

Front row: 3rd from left Edie Didcot; 5th from left Bunty Rogers; 7th from left Gladys Strange; 8th from left Jack Willis

dUpwey School c.1927

Back row: Headteacher Mr Smith; George Marsh; Ted Nicholls; Arthur Payne; Cecil Trevett; Jack Kingman; Teacher Miss Wensley

Middle row: Joan Foot; Megan Davey; Orchard; May Mason; Dorothy Kingman; Gwen Dunford; Irene Carpenter; Hilda Nicholls

Front row: Lily Trevett; Joan Virgin; Olive Vincent; Olive Christopher; Nellie Wills; Emily Squibb; Eileen Preston; Dorothy Mussell

Upwey School Football Team 1927

Back row: George Marsh; Ted Nicholls; Fred Hansford; Albert Dunford

Middle Row: Bill Carter; Leslie Howe; Dennis Virgin; George Budd

Front Row: Valentine Pearce; Harry Didcot; Ron Povey

Upwey School c. 1920

Back Row from left: Cecil Crocker; Howard Crump; Arthur Preston; Arthur Povey; Nellie Hargreaves; Dorothy Kingman; Gwen Dunford

3rd Row: Jack Kingman; Unknown; Edie Didcot; Harry Didcot; Miss Alice Thorn (teacher); Katherine Boalch;

Val Boalch; Olive Vincent; Joy Fellowes

2nd Row: White; Arthur English; Jack Hargreaves; May Mason; Evelyn Rogers; Doris Ford

Front Row:  White; Ted Nicholls; Albert Dunford; Ethel Marsh; Evelyn English; Hilda Nicholls; George Marsh; Ronald Povey  

Upwey School c.1929

Back:  Bill Fellowes; Kathleen Travers; Jack Legg

Middle: Jack Willis; George Hargreaves; Albert Dunford; Bill Carter

Front: Lily Hansford; Edith Pearce; Gladys Strange

Upwey School c.1930

Back row: Unknown; George Hargreaves; Unknown; Harry White

Middle row: Vena Budd; Kath Parker; Cissy Carter; Unknown; Win Wills

Front row: Joan Beck; Joan Hare; Doris Brake; Kathleen Lucking; Vera Hounsell; Doris Howley

Upwey School 1929

Back row: Ronald Povey; Fred Carter; Jack Willis; Bill Didcot; Eddie Wills; Arthur Wheller

Middle row: Dick Butcher; Barbara Baulch; Joyce Cook; Jean Burden; Gladys White; Mary Green; Joan Hargreaves; Bunty Rogers; Peter Fellowes

Front row: Harold Hare; Reginald Thorne; Margaret Willis; Christine Davidge; Jack Hargreaves; William Outen

Upwey School c.1951

Back row: Unknown; Brian Welch; Michael Crabb; Jonny Scriven; Brian Howe; Mrs Hannam

Row 3: ?Brian Cave; John Riggs; Pauline Bridges; Elizabeth Foote; Unknown

Row 2: Unknown; Ann Chivers; Jennifer Spencer

Front row: Hazel Wright; Terry Wright; Patricia Cave; Unknown; Margaret Andrews

Early 1940's - Miss Baker (back left) with Mrs Bennett in the garden of Seven Steps where the dancing group practised for Bovington Dance Festival

Middle row: Heather Moore; Hazel Hearn; Ann Billen; Joan Bown; Unknown

Front: Betty Critchell; Andrea Baggs; Iris Hansford

Upwey School - Miss Baker's Class 1942/3

Back row: Terry Laidlaw; Gerald Ford; Derek Julian; Bruce Rogers; Pat Bryan; Tony Ball

Middle row: Vernon Ford; Margaret Clitheroe; Angela Honeybun; Audrey Masters; Ann Petty; Lorna Baggs

Front row: Diane Baggs; Daphne Dunham; Hodder; Hodder

Upwey School c.1945

Back row: Alan Johns; Fred Vallance; Bruce Rogers; Gerald Ford; Tony Rogers; Terry Laidlaw; Donald Welch

Middle row: Mrs Dowden; Bob Vallance; Audrey Hearn; Shelia Baggs; Angela Honeybun; Brenda Warren; Derek Moore

Front row: Audrey Masters; Wendy Godden; Margaret Clitheroe; Diane Baggs; Lorna Baggs; Unknown

Upwey School c.1941

Back row: Diane Baggs; Angela Honeybun; Bruce Rogers; Audrey Masters; Derek Julian; Tony Ball

Middle row: Hodder; Gerald Ford; Margaret Clitheroe; Pat Bryan; Hodder; Terry Laidlaw

Front row: Lorna Baggs; Ann Petty; Vernon Ford; Daphne Dunham

Upwey School 1957/8

Back row: Peter Lee; Ian Collison; Brian Collison; Donald Watts; Euan Greenshields; Stephen Baker; Terry Wright; Roger Dawling

Middle row: John Biddlecombe; Jane Wells; Carol Gamble; Jenny Spencer; Elizabeth Hannam; Evelyn Culverwell; Jackie Warren; Jillian Warren

Front row: Pamela Cary; Bridget Dawe; Susan Scriven; June Wright; Patricia Cave; Alison Greenshields; Christine Hannam; Margaret Andrews

Whole of Upwey School 1955

Back row from left: Mrs Hannam; Mrs Pride; Terry Wright; Roger Dawling; Nigel Nicholls; Peter Lee; Ian Collison; Brian Collison; Michael Crabb; Donald Watt; Michael Phelps; Euan Greenshields; Kenny Isaacs; Brian Welch; John Scriven; David Puckett; Stephen Baker

Row 3: Jenny Spencer; Wendy Street; Carol Spangle; Susan Scriven; Bridget Dawe; Susan Baker; Patricia Cave; Alison Greenshields; Elizabeth Hannam; Christine Hannam; Margaret Andrews; Susan Patterson; Hazel Wright; Susan Napper; Jillian Warren; Jacqueline Warren; Unknown; Keith Ritchie

Row 2: Lesley Coles; Michael Cave; Alan Dowell; Linda Davis; Raymond Harris; Bernard Fox; Mervyn Tucker; Ian Lee; Jane Wells; Ann Wells; Elizabeth Churchouse; June Wright; Ruth Hampton; Susan Rogers; Valerie Polden; Joan Cornick

Front row: Peter Scott; James Griffin; Sara Griffin; Vivienne Hoddinott; Jackie Knight; Tony Dunn; Susan Walters; Julia Gamble; Stephen Rolls; Carol Petty; Lesley Ford; Karen Brown; Wendy Llewellyn; Raymond Wright; Geoffrey Wright; Michael Dunford; Alan Baker

Upwey School c.1955/6

Back row: Vivienne Hoddinott; Jackie Knight; Michael Dunford; Tony Dunn; Stephen Rolls; Geoffrey Wright; Linda Davis

Middle row: Alan Dowell; Michael Cave; N Smith; Peter Scott; Keith Ritchie; Alan Baker; Sara Griffin; James Griffin

Front row: Carol Petty; Susan Walters; Karen Brown; Lesley Ford; Wendy Llewellyn; Carol Spangle; Raymond Wright

Upwey School 1955/6

Back row: Euan Greenshields; Stephen Baker; Michael Phelps; Donald Watt; John Scriven; Brian Welch; Michael Crabb; Peter Lee

Middle row: Jenny Spencer; Wendy Street; Hazel Wright; Elizabeth Hannam; Jackie Warren; Jillian Warren; Susan Patterson; Susan Napper; Margaret Andrews

Front row: Lesley Coles; Alison Greenshields; Patricia Cave; Carol Gamble; Bridget Dawe; Susan Baker; Susan Scriven

Upwey School mid 1950's

Back row: Philip Dawling; Colin Johns; Brian Cave; Peter Churchouse; Lennie Edwards; Brian Howe; Kenny Wright; Robin Legg; Michael Warren; Mr Stokes

3rd row: Ronnie Hazeldon; Michael Welch; Rodney Howe; John Prince; John Hebley; Chris Churchouse; Jimmy Hansford; Brian Issard; Brian Dalley; Anthony Carpenter

2nd row: Gillian Hazeldon; Jennifer Record; Valerie Ward; Jean Scriven; Anne Scriven; Olice Hansford; Moira Ritchie

Front row: Patsy Davies; Anne Spencer; Valerie Ball; Mary Trask; Liz Carter; Ann Moon

Upwey School 1961

Back row: Denise Welch; Judy ?; Paul Toop; Alan Banning; Jeff Welch; Mrs Greenslade; Heather Rogers; Ian Westbrook; Clive Wright

Middle row: Alison Lesley; Paul Jenkins; Maureen Wills; Stephanie Dawe; Charles Childs; Nicola Willis; Craig Strong; Tony Hunt

Front row: Susan Virgin; Marion Baker; Susan Cave; Maxine Pering; Philip Childs; Elaine Jones; Gary Fox; Jacqueline Hughes; Diane Sibley

Upwey School c.1958

Back row: Keith Chapman; Carlie Gut; David Dacombe; Stephen White; Dennis Wright; James Griffin

Middle row: Graham Baylis; Caroline Shaw; Susan Toop; Karen Brown; Christine Wills; Ann Andrews; Jane Trevett; Richard Dawling

Front row: Valerie le Marinel; Diane Hoddinott; Diane Knight; Kay Dunford; Katherine Rolls; Carol Penny; Jean Baker

Upwey School 1959

Back row: Michael Cave; Kenneth Culverwell; Michael Mitten; Alan Dowle; Ian Lee; Tony Dunn; Michael Dunford; Stephen Rolls

Middle row: Geoffrey Wright; Lesley Ford; Ann Wells; Susan Barron; Wendy Barron; Vivienne Hoddinott; Jacqueline Knight; Carol Petty; Alan Baker

Front row: Linda Davis; Ruth Hampton; Valerie Polden; Lynda Penny; Wendy Llewellyn; Susan Walters; Christine Bishop; Sara Griffin

Up Sch 1960

Back row: Alan Banning; Tony Hunt; Clive Wright; Richard ?; Ian Heslop; Michael Lawrence; David Lawrence; Paul Toop; Billy Peach; Craig Strong; Peach

Front row: Heather Rogers; Jackie Hughes; Nicola Willis; Elaine Jones; Maureen Wills; Stephanie Dawe; Denise Welch; Alison Lesley; Gillian Hibbs; Charles Childs

1957-8 Bovington Dancing

Upwey School at Bovington for Country Dancing Festival 1957/8

Upwey School 1967

Back row: J Hawkins; Jacqueline Hughes; Philip Childs; Julie Trevett; Susan Cave; Marion Baker; Susan Virgin; Mr Dean; Mrs Beeson

Middle row: Lesley Hunt; Janet Cave; Martin Madley; Timothy Tyrrell; Brian Cleverton; Tom Prideaux; Alison Laney; Julie Adams; Graham Brewer; Annabel Honeybun; Ian Cornick; Unknown; Unknown

Front seated: Peter Tyrrell; Peter Madley; Helen North; Frances Penney; Unknown

Upwey School 1964

Back row: Philip Childs; Sharon Homer; Susan Cave; Susan Virgin; Marion Baker; Julie Trevett; Sharon Chubb; Paul Jenkins

Front row: Christine Newton; Pauline Oliver; Mrs Beeson; Diane Sibley; Jacqueline Hughes

Upwey School 1966

Back row: Charles Childs; Paul Jenkins; Tony Hunt; Mr Brownie; Ian Westbrook; Robert Hustler; Craig Strong

Middle row: Alison Lesley; Julie Trevett; Jacqueline Hughes; Sharon Homer; Susan Cave; Marion Baker; Susan Virgin

Front row: Philip Childs; Stephen Heslop; Brian Cleverton; Alan Jenkins; Janet Cave; Cheryl Strong

Upwey School 1966

Back row: Philip Childs; Julie Trevett; Susan Virgin; Jacqueline Hughes; Marion Baker

Middle row: Susan Cave; Janet Cave; Mr Dean; Lesley Hunt; J Hawkins

Front row: Martin Madley; Brian Cleverton; David Adams; Timothy Tyrrell

Mrs Greenslade's class

Back row: Craig Strong; Unknown; Mrs Greenslade; Gillian Townsend; Marion Baker

Middle row: Charles Childs; Tony Hunt; Jacqueline Hughes; Julie Trevett; Alison Lesley; Unknown

Front row: Elaine Jones; Susan Cave; Diane Sibley; Billy Peach; Peach

Upwey School Nativity 1972

In the picture: Fiona Laney; Robert Sibley; Beverley Johns; Sandy Reynolds; Paul Tyrrell; April Smith; Trevor Burmer; Peter Tyrrell; Melanie Robinson; David Fowler; Ann Clist; Richard Pask; Helen North; Mark Honeybun; Tracey Lillingstone

Upwey School Nativity c.1974-5

In the picture: David Cooke; Mark Read; Robert Sibley; April Smith; Stuart Clark; Tracey Lillingstone; Susan Madley (playing Mary); Justin Cooke; Clive Churchill; Beverley Johns; Tracey Smith; Jane Smith; Arthur Notley; David Leach; Simon Johns; Lee Davies; David Fowler; Dominic Andrews; Melissa Glanville

Upwey School Nativity 1975 (the last one)

In the picture: Nigel Toye; Fiona Laney; Tracey Smith; Justin Cooke; Robert Sibley; Beverley Johns; Melissa Glanville; Susan Madley; Clive Churchill; Marie Bowring; April Smith; David Fowler; Sandy Reynolds

Upwey School - mid to late 1960's - Mr Brownie and Mrs Beeson

Back row: Peter Tyrrell; Peter Madley; Unknown; Annabel Honeybun; Alison Laney; Tom Prideaux; Janet Cave; Unknown; Graham Brewer; Julie Adams

Middle row: ? Dominey; Fiona Laney; Unknown; Unknown; Frances Penney; Unknown; Helen North; Ann Clist; Melanie Robinson; Lesley Hunt

Front row: Philip Childs; Timothy Tyrrell; David Adams; Andrew North; Martin Madley; Unknown

Up Sch 1920 1 L.jpg

Upwey School  


Up Sch 1920 2 L.jpg

Upwey School  


U Sch 1924 L.jpg

Upwey School  


UpSch c1930 L.jpg

Upwey School  


UpSch1927 Football L.jpg

Upwey School  Football 1927

Up Sch 1929 L.jpg

Upwey School  


UpSch c1929 L.jpg

Upwey School

c 1929

UpSch c1930 L.jpg

Upwey School  

c 1930

Upwey 1932 M Whitely L.jpg

Miss Lunn’s Class 1932

Empire Day early 1930's L.jpg

Empire Day early 1930’s

Up Sch early 1940s L.jpg



Up Sch 1942-3 001 L.jpg


 Miss Baker’s Class 1942/3

Up Sch c1945 G Ford L.jpg

Upwey School c.1945

Up Sch c 1948 L.jpg

Upwey School c.1951’s

Up Sch 1955 L.jpg

Whole of Upwey School 1955

Upwey School c.1951

UpSch 1955-6 L.jpg

Upwey School c.1955/6

UpSch 1955-6 L.jpg

Upwey School 1955/6

UpSch 1957-8 L.jpg

Upwey School 1957/8

1957-8 Bovington Dancing L.jpg

Upwey School c.1951’s


Bovington Dancing

Up Sch c1958 L.jpg

Upwey School c.1958

Up Sch 1959 L.jpg

Upwey School


Up Sch 1960 001 L.jpg

Upwey School


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Up Sch 1961 001 L.jpg

Upwey School


Up 1961 - J Caswell L.jpg

Mrs Greenslade’s class - 1961

Up Sch 1964 001 L.jpg

Upwey School


Up Sch 1966 Dean 001 L.jpg

Upwey School


Up Sch 1967l L.jpg

Upwey School


Up Sch mid 60s L.jpg

Upwey School

Mid to Late 60’s

Up Nativity 1972 L.jpg

Upwey School Nativity 1972

Up Sch 1974-5 L.jpg

Upwey School Nativity 1974-5

Up Sch 1975-6 L.jpg

Upwey School Nativity 1975

Up Sch c 1940 L.jpg

Upwey School  

C 1941

Up Sch mid 1950s 001 L.jpg

Upwey School

Mid 1950’s

Up Sch 1966 Brownie 001 L.jpg

Upwey School


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1930's - School trip to Osmington

Back: Bunty Rogers; M Willis; Marjorie Ford; Christine White

Front: Lily Trevett; Edie Didcot; Gladys Strange

Up Sch Osmington 30s L.jpg

School Trip to Osmington 30’s