Dorothy Marsh in Guides uniform 1930s

Guide Camp at Castle Carey c1936

From left: Dorothy Marsh; Nesta Gale; Kathy Smith; Mary Phillips

Social Activities

 The Elizabeth Weaver School of Dancing




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Daphne Crump remembers Miss Elizabeth Weaver (1919 to 2005):

Elizabeth's interest in dance began at the age of 5, when her mother took her to Louis and Edna Spriddell's dance school.  Elizabeth then went on to the Cone & Ripman School, Stratford Place, London; now the famous Arts Educational School, for full time training.  She gained her Associate's Certificate from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in July 1937.  An Associate was a person who had passed the required examination, but is either under age or has not the necessary three years' experience as a Teacher of Dancing in a responsible position, to qualify for Membership.  In August 1937 she was admitted as a full member as her qualifications as a Teacher of Dancing had been proved to the satisfaction of the Administrative Council.  Elizabeth then took over Spriddell's school before the war.  During the war she served in the Land Army in Upwey, whilst keeping the school going in her spare time.

By 1948 the family were living at The Maples in Laurel Lane, Upwey.  Daphne joined Elizabeth's school of dance when she was 10 (c.1950) and classes were held in the Sowter Lodge, Weymouth - where the council offices now stand.

The school then moved to a studio in Grosvenor Road, with another studio at The Maples.  Dance classes were also taught at Rydall School and Thornlow School in Weymouth.

Saturdays during the summer, were spent dancing at many fetes for churches and various charities.  The transport to and from these numerous performances was in Elizabeth's old Austin Seven car, affectionately known as 'Tiddler'.

Daphne recalls: 'Whilst returning from a fete at Frampton, I noticed that we could see the road through the floor and as it had started raining, the roof was also leaking.  Elizabeth said 'Don't worry dear, as long as we get home - that's the main thing!'; but that unfortunately was the end of 'Tiddler'.

The whole family were musicians and one amusing memory that Roy (Elizabeth's brother) had is of plying at a fete on a piano that was wheeled out onto the lawn.  Whilst playing, the piano started to sink into the ground and Roy had to ask parents to help hold the piano up as he continued to play.

Elizabeth's life long love of the arts continued long after she retired and right up to the end of her life she attended adult ballet classes run by her past pupil and friend Daphne Crump who says 'She will always be remembered for her dignity, elegance and disposition - to sum her up she was a lady.'

Glenis Roberts (nee Hart) remembers that a dancing class started by her mother in the early 1950's in a classroom at St Nicholas School later moved to The Maples.

The dancers also performed at the Alexandra Gardens Theatre (no longer in existence) and Weymouth Pavilion.

Elizabeth would certainly be proud of Daphne's achievements, being Principal of Weymouth School of Ballet & Theatre Arts; a family run business started by Daphne 49 years ago and now involving her daughter Lisa.

1957 December - Results from the Elizabeth Weaver School of Dancing.  All the pupils entered for the National Association of Teachers of Dancing Examinations were successful.

Primary: Susan Bell; Annette Coward; Daphne Erratt; Jessica Moore;

Gillian Savidge; Penelope Simms; Ellen Varney; Christine Waite;

Teresa Whelan.

Grade I: Jennifer Dackham; Alison Fraser; Glenis Hart; Margaret Laming; Angela Messenger; Gail Sharp; Valerie Upward.

Grade II: Susan Bishop; Jennifer Dackham; Elizabeth Dickinson;

Hilary Frampton; Diana Hallett; Sylvia Hart; Barbara Jolly; Linda Jones; Pamela Mitchell; Eileen Powell; Sandra Stapleton; Donna Swaffield; Christine White

Grade III: Joan Burroughs; Ann Stone

Bronze Medal Test: Leonorah Guppy

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