St Nicholas Church, Broadwey




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Sunday school outing 001 (Small).jpg St Nicks Youth Club Play.jpg Church Choir.jpg B Ch Young Wives c1960 001 (Small).jpg BCh young wives 2 c1960s 001 (Small).jpg Bwey Vicars Retirement.jpg Springfield Hounsells yard.jpg 1983 Littlemoor jct during.jpg 1986 Littlemoor jct after (Small).jpg

A road improvement scheme completed in 1983, meant that part of the cemetery at Littlemoor Corner was removed.  This was complex work as it involved specialist teams experienced in the movement of graves.  The white house (at one time Bowditch's Bakery) in the 'before' photo was also demolished.

St Nich Day 1949.jpg 1983 Littlemoor jct during.jpg