St Laurence Church, Upwey



Rev. Bryant was rector at St Laurence from 1924 until his death in 1958, living next to the church in The Rectory (now Batchfoot House, 181 Church Street).   

One of Eddie Carpenter's life long hobbies was bell ringing at Upwey Church.  The family arrived in Upwey in 1911 when Eddie was 3.  After leaving school at 14 he worked for the local bakery 'OW Baker'.  When he married Gladys White at Broadmayne Church, a quarter peal was rung at Upwey in his honour.  Eddie was one of the ringers who rang a quarter peal of grandshire doubles at Upwey Church as part of the VE celebrations on 20 May 1945.  The other ringers were S Bryant (conductor); E Osmond; G Notley; S Foot and E Gillam.

Rev. A L Jones was Rector of Upwey from 1960 to 1980 when the Rectory was at 650 Dorchester Road.  The couple retired to Salisbury.  Rev Jones died in 1996 aged 84.

In 1962 Rev Jones revived the tradition of the Mothering Sunday celebration 'Clipping the Church'.  The service in 1970 was attended by about 100 people, children brought posies to be blessed before being presented to their mothers, then the congregation went outside, linked arms and walked or danced around the church.

On Rogation Sunday in c.1983 Rev. Andrew Freer and the St Laurence Church Choir 'Beat The Bounds'.  Choir members included: Caroline and Katie Andrew; Michaela Bendall; Larna and Lorna Concannon; Vanessa and Victoria Fry; Catherine and Ruth Hambleton; Charlotte, Hannah and Jason Hancock.


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Exterior showing the new chancel 24 June 1906

The interior showing the new chancel 24 June 1906

Rev. AS Bryant marries Miss Joanna Saunt in 1927

Eddie Carpenter

Eddie bellringing 001.jpg

Bellringers 1950's

Bellringers mid 1950's

Bellringers 1958

Bellringers 1958

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St Laurence Church Nativity 1963

St Laurence Church Nativity 1963

St Laurence Church Nativity 1963

St Laurence Church Nativity 1963

Rev. and Mrs Jones

At the Wishing Well

At the mill

UP Choir 3.jpg

At Bayard Farm

Rogation Sunday c1983